Wow, your writing is incredibly powerful. I am hooked! … I am so taken by your writing style.

Anya Maisey

What a beautifully written – and painful book. I have only managed three chapters so far – but will try to fit the rest in this week. Starred for now.

Keith Gilbey Peppermint

A clearly told story, well written. Once I got used to the interspersed italics and got to grips with the comings and giongs of the story, I was able to become more involved in it. This genre is popular – many more ‘sensational’ than this one – which I usually find a bit much, and am not keen on reading. Your story seems more reflective and considered, which makes for a more interesting and bearable read.

There are, as seen from the pitch, many different influences coming to bear in this story – and some interesting times in history. It’s a story both personal and yet widespread, told in a readable and restained way. Have some stars, and welcome to the site.


Hi Lynne, I chose your book for my bedtime read, it looked interesting I thought and boy was I right. I started your prelude and basked in the love you showed for your children. Everything you wrote formed distinct images in my mind and every letter held my attention (something I at times struggle with.) The joyful images of the children playing in the sand with you were lovely. Then the last couple of paragraphs and the hospital scene. It is impossible not to feel your pain. I have to read more but it’s locked for editing, ahhhh! High stars and watchlisted, I will read more.

The Snow Lily

Your story is soulful, unique and superbly written. A voice for those who yearn for their children. At times, a remarkable glimpse into an artist’s mind. My eyes were glued to the page when you shared the memory of your father coming home after being gone for 5 years. And then the love letters … what smiles they brought to my face! Thank you for sharing this fascinating story. Your book description leads me to believe there is much more to come …

Jane Lawry

I have just read ten chapters, I loved it! You write naturally and beautifully. You resonate with my own life in so many ways. … You express your love of painting so well. I really liked: ‘The studio sings it’s silent song.’ Also where the violets fragrance overwhelms you. I can smell the sadness. You speak of ‘ephemeral’ midnight thoughts; how often I have done the same thing.

Pamela Crabtree

… I think this a VERY well written book …. It is a work of art, a sculpture of emotions created through the medium of words; quite obviously the work of an artist!

An Untenable Fragrance of Violets is poignant. That’s the best word for it. There are beautiful phrases throughout:

“there is a coat of dust on everything” – that short, to the point, injection of harsh reality contrasted so well with the colorful description preceding it that the point was driven home memorably. Another example would be: “I don’t know where it all went; time, and love, and life.”. What can I say?

…As a 33 year old straight guy I suppose I might not normally be considered the best audience to appreciate the emotional attachment of a mother for her children, nor the accelerating pace of time as the years roll by. Actually I love anything that bridges the gap between men and women, sharing thoughts and ways of thinking to increase mutual understanding. There should be more of this sort of thing.

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